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Hugh Jackman

Poll: Best Hollywood Male Body (A40)

Which Above 40 Hollywood Actor has the best physique? Age has hardly been a factor in Hollywood. Right from Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Kirk Douglas, Gregory...
Chicken Yogurt Salad

Chicken Yogurt Salad

Who does not love tasty food? But when it comes to salad, very few of us can expect lip-smacking taste. This one is an...
Simeon Panda Wokout

CW: Simeon Panda Workout

Monday: Chest ♂ 8 sets of Bench Press ranging from 1 – 20 reps ♂ 8 sets of Incline Press ranging from 1 – 20 reps ♂...
Smart eating

Smart eating in Festive Season

Festive and holiday seasons are here. The time of the year, when friends and family members, will make loads of goodies with lots of...
Favortite Hollywood Action Franchise

Poll: Your Favorite Hollywood Action Film Franchise

Action film is a film genre in which one or more heroes are thrust into a series of challenges that typically include physical feats,...