Male Fitness Models

Male fitness competitors, models and trainers enjoy huge following around the world. Be it Arnold from 70’s or Neil Hill, Dorian Yates 30 years later. More recently, the likes of Lazar Angelov, Sergi Constance, and Ulisses Jr. have been immensely inspirational with their physique, motivational quotes and their dedication, to global male fraternity. Featuring below, some Instagram exercise videos, from the best of the male fitness models/trainers around the world.

Rob Riches

Natural fitness competitor, cover model & Online coach

Mike O’Hearn

natural bodybuilder, powerlifter, actor and fitness model

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Sergi Constance

Cover Model, CEO @ Aesthetix_era, Founder of #BeLegend


Natural bodybuilder, 2X Universe Pro & Musclemania Pro Champ, Gym Owner

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