Ownership and Team

Evrox Fitness Studio is a wholly owned subsidiary of a privately owned company – Evrox Healthcare, that’s into research and development, healthcare, fitness and hospitality. Founded in 2014, Evrox Healthcare boasts an impressive team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals starting from qualified doctors, care givers, nutritionists to kinesiologists & certified physical trainers. Their expertise in myriad skills include internal medicine, diets & nutrition, supplementation, bio-mechanics, human kinesiology, psychology, orthopedics, diabetology and endocrinology to cardiology, neurology, dermatology, radiology, oncology, dentistry, and injury rehabilitation.

Evrox Fitness Studio is an online fitness studio, whose services range from general health consultation and customized programs on diet, weight loss, toning, hypertrophy, to injury rehabilitation for people, (irrespective of gender and age), individually, or as a part of a startup/corporate. We have online plans, that people can choose from, and send us a mail to know more. We also provide annual memberships, that come with exclusive Evrox Fitness Studio merchandise and discount offers, on all available online plans as well as fitness equipment, accessories and other products. With increasing partnerships with gyms, salons, diagnostic labs, and hospitals around the country, along with strategic tie-ups with national/international supplement brands, we are India’s first, and only – “one stop ‘health and fitness’ outfit” in the true sense.

Evrox Fitness Studio Website

The Evrox Fitness Studio is all about healthy life. The website is both our service website as well as a knowledge sharing platform. it showcases our offered services. You’ll also find information on diets, healthy recipes, supplements, workouts, health myths, common disorders, human physiology, prescription drugs, videos, motivation, and tips in general. We’re soon introducing a store option, an e-commerce platform where users can find and buy fitness equipment, fitness accessories, fitness gadgets, health, wellness & medicine products, branded fitness apparels & shoes.


To initiate the process of holistic transformation, the personal training programs (basic and advanced) we provide, start after thorough tests, and body composition analysis (mandatory). These training programs can be generic, and acquired at a lower cost, or are premium which are completely customized for the user, based on his/her gender, age, weight, location and financial status. With total support on phone/email/IMs, we can help you in the reshaping journey and be there 24×7 for you.


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