Menstrual Cramps

While we hear various opinions on whether or not women should work out during their periods, experts are increasingly sharing their opinion that doing so may actually be beneficial.As per them exercising during your period is safe and even helps in the reduction of pain due to the release of endorphins in the body while working out.

When it comes to the type of exercises one can do, all exercises are okay, though sensitive people however should listen to their body, so initially; perhaps they can start with less strenuous exercises. The level of discomfort/uneasiness felt differs from one woman to the other, so one should work out to a manageable extent. Experts also warn that one should not overexert themselves either.

While a woman is having her period, hormonal changes can give her boosts in pain tolerance and muscle recovery that can pay off at the gym. In fact, at other points in her cycle (when she doesn’t have her period), exercise could feel more challenging. Research shows that during this low-hormone phase, women also recover faster and have a higher pain tolerance.

That said, if she is feeling lousy, she should take a break, without feeling guilty about it. Or, maybe go for an easy run instead of doing intervals. Skip tricky yoga poses and opt for relaxing ones. It is her body and she should know when to take a break and when to work it hard.


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