Why a Strong Lower Body is Important


In order to set up a strong building, you need a stronger foundation. Your lower body is nothing less than the foundation. The lower body provides the must-needed support to our upper body, which in turn, keeps us moving. Almost all the tasks that we do throughout the day are dependent on our lower body.

The lower body is the home of the largest muscle groups. From walking to bending, from standing to running, every action depends on our lower body muscles. So, if you want a pain-free smoother movement, you must pay attention to your lower body.

Here is the lower body muscle structure in a nutshell:

  • The gluteals, also known as the buttock muscles, are responsible for the movements of your upper legs to the back or sideways.
  • The abductors of the lateral thigh help to move your leg to the side and the abductors of the inner thigh helps in moving your legs back toward midline.
  • The hamstrings of the posterior thigh help you to lift your heels toward your buttocks.
  • The quadriceps of the anterior thigh provides strength to your legs.
  • The calf muscles help you to stand on your toes.
  • Hip flexors are a muscle group, located in the front of your hips, act like a stabilizer for hips and the rest of your lower body. It helps you lift your knees upward.

Let’s find out why you need a strong lower body:

Lower body provides strength:

Lower body muscles are the largest body muscles of your body. So, if you neglect these muscles, you would eventually loss your entire body strength. No matter what activity you are doing, you would need your lower body muscles to keep you going. So, pay attention to it and start lower body training today.

It balances your body:

Irrespective of your actions, your lower body stabilizes your entire body. This kind of stability is much-needed to improve your body balance and agility. Balance ensures better body movement and reflex. Agility ensures improved movement of your body muscles.

It increases your stamina:

Lower body strength plays a big role in increasing your stamina, even though you don’t do heavy workouts or undergo huge physical tasks. Stamina is a basic need to keep you doing your daily chores. It is also associated with your confidence level and metabolism.

A strong lower body helps in weight loss:

Did you know that muscles burn more calories, compared to fat? So, if you are trying to burn calories, first try to make your lower body strong. It will help you lose weight quickly.

It reduces body pain:

Weakening muscles may lead to muscle knots, which are extremely painful. If you strengthen your lower body, you would manage to strengthen most of your body muscles. It reduces body pain, caused by muscle strains.

No matter, if you are working out or not, a strong lower body is essential for all. Tell us about the exercises you do for a strong lower body.


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