How do you like to have your chocolate? Is it chocolate ice cream, chocolate soufflé, chocolate truffle or a simple chocolate brownie? No matter what form it takes, chocolate is irresistible. You must be craving for some already, don’t you? But wait! Isn’t it bad for your health?

Here comes the Breaking News for you: Chocolate can play a pivotal role in your healthy diet. Pleasantly surprised? Now let’s find out some myths and facts about chocolate.

Myth: Chocolate does not have any nutritional value.

Fact: It’s rich in copper, zinc, magnesium and iron. Studies have proved that it contains antioxidant too, even though dark chocolate is richer in antioxidant than milk chocolate.

Myth: Chocolate contains high caffeine

Fact: Contrary to the popular conviction, chocolate does not contain high degree of caffeine. One average chocolate bar contains approximately 6 mg of caffeine, which is much lower than a cup of coffee, which contains 70 to 135 mg of caffeine.

Myth: Chocolate is full of saturated fat.

Fact: Milk chocolate does contain stearic acid, one type of saturated fat. Other than that, there is no other saturated fats that can be found in dark chocolate.

Myth: Chocolate increases bad cholesterol.

Fact: Chocolate contains stearic acid, as mentioned above. But it is a unique saturated fat that does not act like other saturated fats. The good news is, it does not increase bad cholesterol at all. In fact, in some cases, chocolate is found to tone down the cholesterol level.

Myth: Chocolate increases weight.

Fact: A chocolate bar generally contains 210 calories that is quite low and can easily be included in your diet, if you promise to cut down on the other high-calorie foods.

Myth: Chocolate causes acne and pimple.

Fact: Studies have proved that there is absolutely no relation between diet and acne. Acne causes mainly because of bacterial outbreaks and excess oil secretion from the oil glands beneath your skin.

Myth: Chocolate causes tooth delay.

Fact: Tooth decay and cavities may cause from any kind of food. Please stop blaming it on chocolate alone. In fact, a study by Osaka University of Japan proved that cocoa bean, the main ingredient of chocolate fights tooth decay.

Myth: Chocolate turns you on.

Fact: Yes, this is completely a myth. There is absolutely no connection between romantic mood and chocolate. Chocolate does invoke a sense of happiness and have a feel-good factor. It also de-stresses. But if you consume chocolate with an aim to turn yourself on, you would be terribly disappointed.



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