Vani K

Vani is a former business journalist turned fiction writer. As a child she loved listening to stories, until she grew up and started writing her own. Her first book, ‘The Recession Groom’ is out now, and she currently spends her time reading fiction and working on her second novel. She is also a blogger and writes for The Huffington Post. To know more about her, log on to her website: You can also write to her at We spoke to her at length about her lifestyle and fitness.

What’s your current height and weight?

5 ft, 54 Kgs.

Have you ever been overweight?

Yes, at one point of time I weighed 70 Kgs.

How did you get back in shape?

I always loved working out, but one thing that helped me get back into shape, was Indian classical dance. I’m a student of Bharatnatyam, and can say, it is a wonderful dance form. It rejuvenates me mentally and physically, and gives a massive boost to my creative energies.

What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness is as much a training of your mind, as of your body. You are what you eat. And you are what you think. If you think positive and have an optimistic attitude to life, it reflects in your persona. A good physique adds another dimension to it. That’s true fitness for me.

How do you keep yourself fit?

I eat moderately: no fried, no sugar, limited carbs, less fats. I don’t get the time to work out, but I dance for an hour, thrice a week.

Did you work out regularly? What changes did you notice? How has this changed you, as a person?

Yes, I used to work out regularly. I would always try different things: spinning with swimming, aerobics with swimming, spinning with treadmill, rowing with swimming. I tried to introduce a lot of variety into my work outs which made me look forward to my sessions each day. It also kept me positive and in top form, mentally and physically. I especially loved swimming. It drained me of all of my negative energies, especially taking those calm moderate laps in the pool for half an hour every day.

Do/Did you go to a gym or work with a trainer? What has been your experience?

I used to work out every day when I was in London, and in the US, too, but haven’t got that opportunity since I moved to India. I love to work out when the gym, pool and spa is nicely maintained. I have worked out with trainers, and have loved the way some of them planned my hour long sessions.

Are you also into other activities like cycling, boxing, dancing, badminton, etc.?

Dance, yes. I don’t play any games.

Where does your motivation come from?

All I have to do, is take out an old dress, and that’s all the motivation I need.

What is the best compliment you’ve received about your fitness/health?

Most people think, I am in my early twenties. (:) :) ;) ;))

How do you manage to stay fit during your hectic travel?

I exercise moderation in my diet, and never gorge on stuff, which I know can harm me.

What is your diet like?

A Punjabi breakfast in the morning. Parantha with vegetables, and tea. I have one chappati with lentils and vegetables, in the afternoon, and a bowl of oats at night. I am a vegetarian. I am addicted to tea and have several cups during the day. I do not eat sugar, fried or anything exotic. I love home cooked meals and my mother is an awesome cook.

Is there anyone in the fitness/films/sports industry you look up to?

Derrick Rose (from Chicago Bulls, NBA) has an amazing body. He is my idol when it comes to fitness. I have his wallpaper on my laptop screen.

How important, do you think, is fitness, for women these days?

Fitness is important for everyone, irrespective of the gender. Longevity has increased and you have to use your body all your life. I believe in a healthy mind-healthy body sort of a concept. Think good thoughts. Eat good food. Stay off narcotics (cigarettes, alcohol and drugs). Work out regularly. Living a disease free life, is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, women most of all, since they have to take care of their families.

Your favorite quote (on life/fitness)?



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