CW: Liam Mcintyre Workout – The Dirty 30

Liam Mcintyre TD30

Do as many reps as you can in 30 seconds: this is your target. For the next nine minutes, aim for that many reps per minute. If you finish before the time’s up, rest until the next minute begins. Do 10 minutes of the first move, then rest for three minutes before progressing to the next.

1. Weighted push-up

Get a friend/spotter to place a weight plate across your shoulders (A). Lower, until your chest is a couple of centimetres from the ground (B), then push back up.

2. Medicine ball sit-up

Hold a medicine ball to your chest; lie with your knees bent (A). Tense your abs to raise your torso (B), then lower slowly.

3. Sitting cable row

Set the cable low and attach a double-D handle (A). Lean back and pull the handle to your waist (B), then return.


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