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Simeon Panda Wokout

CW: Simeon Panda Workout

Monday: Chest ♂ 8 sets of Bench Press ranging from 1 – 20 reps ♂ 8 sets of Incline Press ranging from 1 – 20 reps ♂...
Chicken with Lemon And Garlic

Chicken with Lemon and Garlic

Very easy and quick to cook and delicious to eat, this Spanish dish is usually served with fried potatoes and aioli. Ingredients 450g / 1lb skinless...

Must have gadgets for all Fitness Freaks

This is that time of the year when everyone wants to lose the excess fat that they have piled up over the holiday season....
Grilled Sardines

Grilled Fresh Sardines

Sardines are rich in vitamins and minerals. A small serving of sardines once a day can provide 13% of vitamin B2, and is also...
Best Boxer

Poll: Greatest Boxer of all time

Five-division, undefeated world champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. fought eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao which was billed as The Fight of the Century,  on May...

DrugFriday: Ciprofloxacin

Ciprofloxacin is an antibacterial drug belonging to the Fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics. Mechanism of action: It causes DNA breakdown in bacteria by inhibiting enzyme DNA gyrase Pharmacology: Oral...
Medical Conditions

WhatIsSeries: Insulin Resistance

What is insulin? Insulin is a hormone made in the pancreas, an organ located behind the stomach. The pancreas contains clusters of cells called islets....

CE: Megaloblastic Anemia

Continuing our series on anemia, lets now touch upon megaloblastic anemia, the second type of anemia most commonly seen due to a deficiency of...

What does sugar do to our body?

We all have sweet tooth, most have only one or a few like me all 28 of them. However, we have been warned time...
Chicken Lasagna

Chicken Lasagna

A totally delicious chicken lasagna recipe with a creamy white cheese sauce is apparently, always a cook's & eater's favorite, and great for any...