All the updates on the internet have us confused about eating right! One says ‘fat is bad’, and the other says that it is good. Is the same applicable about cholesterol?
Since the conflicting nutrition information can leave the reader confused and unsure, we decided to outline the top five tips every nutritionists follow.

  1. Start with breakfast

    – Breakfast jump-starts your metabolism after a nightlong fast. Don’t miss it, like, ever.

  2. Limit fast food

    – Pick up any canned food, read the nutrition chart, and we can assure you, half of the contents are not clear. So, skip the fast food or pre-pack trail, and hit the source instead. A little more calorie in real food is not as bad as half a calorie in packed processed fast food. Avoid processed food at all costs.

  3. Eat more veggies

    – Make more room on your plate for veggies. The more colorful, the better.

  4. Don’t skip meals

    Listen to your hunger. When you skip meals, you slow down the metabolism, causing starvation. Not only body starts storing fat, we also end up making bad choices when we are very hungry. Also, snacking is not a bad word. Grab a snack to keep you from overeating your next meal. Midnight-snacking, however, is never good.

  5. Drink water, avoid Soda

    – Our body is 80% water and it needs to be hydrated to perform any function. Sipping water is the best way to replenish the fluids naturally lost. We have one word for Soda – Sugar!

It is okay to eat an unhealthy (high-calorie) meal once in a while. One indulgence in a month won’t spoil your diet plan completely, if you are responsible with your diet and workouts.
It is said that ‘abs are not made in gym, they are made in kitchen‘ – we cannot, but agree with this completely.

*Trans fats (unsaturated fats produced by partial hydrogenation) are used to enhance the shelf life, as well as the flavor and texture of processed foods. Trans fats not only increases LDL (“bad cholesterol”), but lowers HDL (“good cholesterol”).


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