For regular bodybuilders, off season is a very important time. This the time where you both bulk up and do your best to stay in shape so that next season you can do better than your this year’s performance. For some, this is the time to go easy on food and workout, and for others, they are strict with their routine. But many people fall short of their off-season target. Here are a few points to get things right.

No Cardio

If you are a regular and you lift heavy, then make sure you keep someĀ cardio in your routine. A lot of people think they’ll lose size, or spend energy and end up lifting less. But the fact is, a decent cardio routine means the appetite will be in place, it will keep you on your toes, and the such regular eating habits will ensure you can lift heavier. Also, cardio increases your eventual breathing capacity, which means it will help you reach those higher repetitions in the sets.

Meal Skipping

If you haven’t heard of nitrogen balance maintenance, read up. When you workout to stay in shape, the body needs a constantĀ of available amino acids. They provide the required N balance. When you skip meals because you are not hungry, you are basically depriving the body of a protein source. Consequently, the body tries to get the same from the muscles, also known as catabolic state.
Having a chicken breast, or at least at least 4 ounce of whey shake when you are not hungry will address the issue.

Lack of Rest

Recovery is very important for anyone serious about fitness. Most people don’t know, or neglect the fact that muscles grow when you rest it. Not inside the gym when you pump iron. When you workout, you basically tear your muscles, so you have to give it time to repair and grow. In the off-season you need to rest well, as much as during the training period. It is important to give any muscle group at least 48-72 hours to recover before it can be trained again.



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