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Corporate Fitness

As business owners or managers, the most significant fact to remember, is that your most important assets are your employees! Healthy employees tend to be happier and more productive employees. We want our employees to enjoy their work environment, and to bring the best of themselves to their jobs every day. In the fast-paced, high-stress and results-driven environment that many companies thrive on, encouraging your employees to embrace fitness as a lifestyle choice, will pay off in numerous ways!

Corporate Training is important

Corporate fitness is becoming a key part of the business week as companies bid to shape up. Corporate fitness is one of the most cost effective ways to achieve staff health and well-being. The benefits to business are multi-fold and include increased motivation, reduced stress, raised loyalty to the company and enhanced team working. Research shows that companies that invest in corporate fitness training has a high ROI compared to ones in the similar bracket, who don’t.

We have comprehensive corporate training modules. These programs range from simply offering information to workers, to customized bootcamps, nutrition coaching, subsidized healthy lunches, general fitness education, and designing/setting up a company fitness lobby/gym.

Advantages of Corporate Training

→ Enhances productivity
→ Increases positivity and confidence
→ Creates harmony
→ Creates better leadership opportunities
→ Boosts morale
→ Improves team spirit
→ Improves goal achievement rate
→ Improves attitude
→ Reduces stress
→ Reduces absentees
→ Fights depression
→ Improves loyalty

Our Corporate Fitness Training Services

Bootcamp Programs

H.E.F.T (The Healthy Executive Fitness Training)
GIFT (Group Initiation Fitness Training)
PFFT (Personalized Fast-tracked Fitness Training)
ICE (Interactive Conditioning Exercises)

Nutrition Coaching
Corporate fitness facility design (including, but not limited to)

→ Fully equipped gym
→ Aerobics Studio
→ Pilates Studio
→ Calisthenics Setup
→ Sauna/Steam bath
→ Lockers and changing rooms
→ Massage Parlor
→ Juice bar

Gym/Fitness center management services
Stress Management, Meditation and Relaxation Programs

Evrox Fitness Studio (EFS) has certified trainers and biomechanics experts who can also tailor personalized fitness program that fits within your organisation’s structure.  and culture. Customized programs  include motivation sessions, problem discussion, group talk, group exercise sessions and other harmonizing team building activities.

EFS Corporate Training Membership

Evrox Fitness Studio Corporate Training Memberships include:

» Every registered member of the Corporate Fitness Centre receives a free induction to the centre and the facilities.
» Flexibility in location: Your office (fitness lobby/gym), or our studio/partner gyms
» Detailed personal diet charts for all registered employees, with 30, 60, 90 Day Goal Charts.
» Three sessions a week, with a personal trainer on floor.
» Simplified interval training ranging from moderate to intense, including but not limited to – boxing, kick boxing, resistance training, calisthenics, TRX training. The workouts that are fun, interactive, refreshing and provide maximum fat loss!
» Motivational emails and updates on health and fitness.
» Monthly progress tests and checkups

Allow us to help you make the best investment for your employees, and thereby, your company

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